A New Way of Dealing with Uncertainty

Published by international publisher Wiley, the back cover of the Patrick’s book says this:

“On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck made history by climbing the North Face of the Eiger, a notoriously unpredictable and storm-prone mountain in Switzerland, in a record time of two hours and forty-seven minutes. On the surface, Steck’s approach was staggeringly simple: he climbed light and he climbed fast.

The North Face of the Eiger provides the perfect metaphor for the world we live in today. We are experiencing our own unpredictable and violent storm, caused by complex interactions between people, places and technology. This storm is creating an increasingly confused landscape of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, and most of today’s workers and organisations are not appropriately equipped to respond.

Although business and mountaineering share many parallels, they have never before been explored in the business context beyond superficial colloquialisms about ‘dreaming big’ and ‘never giving up’. But such simple interpretations and supposed ‘lessons’ will no longer cut it in today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

In this book, Patrick Hollingworth introduces a refreshingly new and insightful perspective in which he examines the ‘light and fast’ approach and arms you, and the organisation you work for, with the right mindset and skills to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.”

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The Light and Fast Organisation was released in Australia and New Zealand on March 1st 2016, and in Asia, Europe, the UK and America in May 2016.

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