Are you looking for a motivational speaker to inspire, educate and make a real impact?

Patrick is an outstanding inspirational speaker with life experiences that any audience can relate to and learn from. Discover his leadership and teamwork secrets as he takes you on an engaging journey through his extraordinary accomplishments, and shares his insights into the dynamics of high-performance leadership, teamwork and safety.


Based in Perth, Patrick is an internationally renowned professional speaker who partners with his clients to consistently get results. He is available as a guest speaker at your corporate event anywhere in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Ideal for...

Leadership forums, team strategy sessions, safety days, conferences and dinner and awards nights

Suitable for...

Audiences of 10 to 10,000


Leadership, Teamwork and Engagement in a VUCA World

In a world where technology, politics and social relationships are rapidly evolving, and where employee engagement levels are at all-time lows, the success of any leader – and their team – relies on the ability to be adaptable and embrace meaningful change.


This VUCA world, where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the new norm, requires efficient decision-making and open and honest communication.

In this presentation, we’ll look at how to stay engaged and adapt to change when we’re pushed to the edge, where there’s no room for mistakes. I’ll deliver a compelling visual narrative through the lens of a practical and readily implementable Nine-Step Framework for Leadership, Teamwork and Engagement in a VUCA world.


Safety and Risk Management – Staying Alive in a VUCA World

How is climbing a mountain relevant to working at an LNG plant, iron ore mine or building construction site? The goal is to make it home safely at the end of each day.


Mountains are in a remote and harsh environment, with dangers lurking around every corner. Mountaineers live in one another’s pockets and endure potentially life-threatening conditions on a daily basis, then fly home and return to ‘normal’ life. Sound familiar?

Most people think that a climb finishes when you get to the top, but that’s not the case! Statistics show that 85% of mountaineering accidents happen on the descent, when complacency and fatigue creep in. It’s no different to the end of a work shift or 10-day FIFO roster – we can’t afford to lose concentration and drop the ball.


In this presentation I present safety in a positive and entertaining way, while reinforcing the importance of discipline versus the risk of complacency. You’ll learn about the framework I use for operating in VUCA environments, and you’ll leave feeling positive and ready for anything.


I took my Black Dog up a Mountain – an Inspirational Tale

Setting out to climb the world’s highest mountain is hard enough; setting out to do it as a way of learning about managing depression is something else altogether.


In this presentation, you’ll get a remarkable first-person perspective of the highs and lows of what it’s like to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, along with an understanding of what it takes to commit to and reach a goal like this while suffering from depression.


This engaging narrative includes stunning visuals captured from the highest points on earth. It culminates with footage of a very special phone call made from the summit to my family and friends back home.


Operation: Climb – a VUCA Simulation

In this presentation I take the key narrative of the Operation: Climb leadership and teamwork workshop, and compress it into an engaging, immersive and interactive 90-minute session that challenges the audience with the task of climbing a Himalayan giant.


Drawing on real-world footage filmed on location in the Himalayas in 2012, and using a smartphone app to enable group participation, audience members will play an integral role in decisions made as we approach and reach the summit of one of the world’s most technically challenging mountains.


This session is a fun, visual and inspiring way to get you truly engaged with the content, each other, and the VUCA concept, and ready to learn at your next annual conference or team-building day.