In the mountains, we use guidebooks to help us understand the strange new world that we’re about to enter.

Guidebooks contain written and visual descriptions about the mountain’s features and potential routes to the summit. But they don’t give all of the information away—that would take the fun and excitement out of it! Rather, they give us clues to help us move with confidence through the doubt and uncertainty that we all experience every time we venture into the unknown.

This guidebook is intended to do the same for you—to give you a feel of what we can offer and how we might be able to collaborate (it also includes our fee breakdown).

This is your event and it’s your money on the line—so you’ll want to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be!

This is where most relationships start.

Patrick is regularly booked (often up to a year in advance) to deliver keynote presentations for large industry-wide global conference events, and for company-specific organisational change initiatives and senior leadership development retreats.

And he’s not too bad at it either—in 2014, he was awarded the global professional speaking industry’s highest designation: Certified Professional Speaker (also known as CSP). At last count, fewer than 600 speakers have been awarded this across the globe.

Although the following pages describe four popular keynote topics, Patrick develops each and every keynote according to your brief. You won’t find any ‘press and play’ presentations here.


Ideal for:

10-10,000 people


Suitable for:

Specific organisational change initiatives and senior leadership development retreats, and large industry-wide and global conference events.



Pre-event planning and meetings, pre-event diagnostics (if appropriate)


The Light and Fast Organisation: A New Way of Dealing with Uncertainty


Although we are constantly bombarded with talk about agility and innovation as the solution to disruption, what do those three words actually mean, and what does agility and innovation look like from an organisational perspective?

Gone are the days of stability and certainty. Instead we must accept that the foreseeable future will be one of volatility and uncertainty. In accepting this inevitability, we must understand why our traditional ways of doing things seem to be providing us with demising returns. This presentation is based on Patrick’s successful book of the same name.

This keynote looks at the causes of disruption (hint: it’s a perfect storm-like combination of people, places and technology, interacting all at once to create a vortex of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and delves into why so many of our organisations are today struggling with this rapid rate of change. We find out at that both people and our traditional organisational structure for doing work are poorly suited to rapid change and complexity. This keynote offers a solution to becoming truly agile and innovative—Patrick calls it light and fast.

If you want your organisation to become more agile and innovative, this is the first step—convincing your people of WHY it’s so important, and WHAT it might look like. (The HOW is best delivered via a follow-up mixture of Patrick’s workshops and programs).

This keynote is the perfect one to kick off a large event or new ‘change’ initiative. It sets the scene early in the day with a sense of urgency about the need to embrace and adapt to this change. Confronting? Perhaps. But necessary? Absolutely (after all, organisational relevancy is at stake here).



The Light and Fast leader:
 How to lead through uncertainty and complexity


Traditional models of top-down leadership, developed for hierarchical structures during times of relative stability and certainty, are facing increased levels of scrutiny from an increasingly knowledgeable and skeptical population. And that’s a good thing, because the traditional models are no longer working! But what is the leadership solution for these increasingly uncertain and complex times?

As your organisation’s people face a future of increased uncertainty and complexity, they will be turning to their leaders for guidance and reassurance. In a world where cognitive dissonance, entropy and disengagement is starting to run rife, leadership is one of the hardest—yet most important—capabilities to master.

The solution to this vexing challenge starts with an understanding as to why the traditional leadership models are no longer relevant, and follows with an examination of the new type of role leadership will play in less hierarchical, more autonomous organisational networks. This new, light and fast approach to leadership is less about reactivity and dependence upon external and organisational structures and more about independence and interdependence. It’s about giving up control rather than struggling to retain it. Once you get it, you’ll realise it just, well… makes a whole lot more sense. And it’s a lot more fun, too!

This keynote is the perfect one for delivery to senior organisational leaders who have been in the game a long time—they’ve ‘seen it all before’. Your audience is comprised of senior executives and leaders who are successful, intelligent and discerning individuals who are keen to learn new ideas and are ready to be challenged.



From Heavy and Slow to Light and Fast:
 A transformation we must all make


If we must all become more agile and innovative to survive this forthcoming decade of disruption (as our business leaders and politicians constantly tell us), then how, and where, do we start?

Most people do most things in their life using what we call the heavy and slow approach. We turn our everyday tasks into massive mountains to climb. It’s no wonder we’re always feeling like we never have enough time in the day to get anything done!

And that’s OK—because from our earliest days at school, that’s how we were taught to do things. (In fact, our entire education system was developed using the heavy and slow methodology.) But this old approach wont work for us in the future. We all need to learn how to move light and fast.

This keynote examines the influences in our society which have made it completely normal for us to operate heavy and slow, and then asks the following question: will this approach continue to serve us into the future in a world that is only getting faster and faster? In this keynote Patrick unpacks the case for why it’s almost mandatory for all us to adopt this new approach.

This keynote is perfect for the dreaded after-lunch slot at a conference or leadership development day. Not too cognitively taxing, and delightfully informed yet irreverent. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional ‘motivational speaker’ type presentation, with lots of engaging story-telling (but thankfully minus the hyperbole and clichés of the traditional motivational speaker). If you liked Patrick’s highly-watched TEDx talk, but also want to take away some meaningful learnings with the capacity for immediate application, then this is the keynote for you.



Light and Fast safety: The only solution to achieving zero harm


The mantra for many organisations working in dangerous environments is to aim for ‘zero harm’—that is, nobody gets hurt at work, ever. But is it actually achievable when most employees receive no training on how to use the most important piece of equipment they will ever be required to use—their brain?

In the world of organisational safety, we have reached a plateau.

The easily won gains of plant safety, procedural safety and cultural safety —very much linear processes which our traditional hierarchical organisations have excelled at—have been achieved, and yet our safety numbers remain stubbornly below zero harm. This keynote looks at our traditional organisational focus on plant, process and cultural safety, and investigates the missing ingredient for organisations looking to reach zero harm in this rapidly changing world—it’s called full-spectrum decision making.

Rather than focusing on the quality of the decision outcome, the solution is to focus on the quality of the decision making process—it holds the key to unlocking the difficulty in reaching zero harm. This keynote unpacks the basics of brain neuroscience and examines how the quality of the decision making process can be improved—it all starts with making employees AWARE of how their brains work, and the emotional and subconscious biases which are likely to trip them up.

This is the first step—convincing your people WHY full-spectrum decision making is so important, and WHAT it looks like in practice. (The HOW is best delivered via a follow-up workshop).

Tired of boring, contrived, box-ticking ‘safety presentations’ which are either as theoretical and dry as the desert, or based on the speaker’s personal stories which have absolutely no relevance to your industry? Then this keynote is for you. Patrick blends an engaging mixture of story and basic theory with practical takeaways for immediate application. And yes, Patrick can deliver to a diverse range of audiences— from international safety conferences comprised of senior leaders through to rough and ready workers who work tools at the literal coalface—Patrick knows how to engage your audience. (He’s been doing it for nearly a decade).


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