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Patrick Hollingworth


Patrick works with people, teams and organisations to help them deal with a world which is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous by the day.

Based in Australia but travelling internationally to deliver keynote presentations and workshops to a range of organisations, Patrick’s clients include multinational companies such as British retailer Marks and Spencers, American energy giant Chevron and British-Australian miner Rio Tinto, through to Australian banks such as Westpac, NAB and Bankwest, communications giant Telstra, private hospital chain Ramsay Health and numerous government departments, including the Departments of Sport and Recreation and Regional Development.

How did Patrick become an expert in helping organisations deal with rapid-paced change and uncertainty, we hear you ask?

Well, after studying anthropology, geography and psychology at university, he spent a decade working for a large multinational consultancy, working on the some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever built in Australia and overseas.

Patrick has seen the very best of what large organisations can create, and also the very worst.

At the same time, he began exploring the uncertainty and complexity which go hand in hand with mountaineering. Firstly, he learned the art of alpine-style climbing in the mountains of New Zealand, Canada and France, and then the science of expedition-style climbing in the mountains of Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Alaska and Argentina. His mountaineering has taken him to great heights—quite literally. He’s summited multiple 8000 metre peaks, including Mount Everest. He even helped his Nepali Sherpa mates set up their own mountain-guiding business based out of Kathmandu.

Over the past 15 years climbed in small light and fast alpine-style teams, and he’s climbed in rather large heavy and slow expedition-style teams (he’s even led a number of them himself). He’s seen the very best of what alpine style can offer, and also the very worst of what expedition style can deliver.

So Patrick lives and breathes this stuff—he truly understands what its like to lead teams through extended periods of uncertainty, ambiguity and doubt.

Patrick Hollingworth


Geraldine is Patrick’s Business Manager who shares his passion working with people, teams and organisations.

With a decade of experience in handling different projects and businesses across the globe, she is a huge multitasker and a certified technology geek who continually tries to find the best ways to do things light and fast.

When she’s not busy tending to Patrick’s growing business, you can easily find her in a coffee shop enjoying sweet talks and kisses with her little one.

If there’s anything that you need, feel free to get in touch with her and she’ll be happy to assist you!

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