How future-proof is your organisation?

If ever there has been a time when the people of the world need to band together to confront a seemingly endless array of challenges, then surely it is now. The world is changing like it never has before, and it is doing so at an ever increasing pace. With this change comes incredible uncertainty and complexity. In the face of these challenges however lies incredible opportunity.

Organisations find themselves right in the midst of all of this change. As mankind’s primary vehicle for getting stuff done, today’s organisations find themselves in an interesting predicament, a predicament which I believe can be viewed from one of the two following perspectives:

  • birthed from a bygone era (the industrial revolution) and facing cultural extinction; or
  • currently lacking in match-fitness but with huge potential to be the drivers of meaningful change

My key belief is that the only way for organisations to survive the forthcoming period of uncertainty is to adopt a different way of doing things. A fresh approach is needed in not only the ways in which our organisations do their work, but also in who they learn from. And that’s where I can help!

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