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Light and Fast

What’s Light and Fast? It’s A New Way of Dealing with Uncertainty

The world is changing… fast.

Everybody’s talking about. But beyond superficial clichés and superlatives, you know this to be true. You can feel it in your bones.

Fuelled by never before seen and ever more complex interactions between people, places and technology, the world in which our organisations are operating is going through unprecedented change.

For many of us—for both our leaders and our workers—this rapidly changing world can be incredibly confronting and stressful.

And at times, it can just seem downright scary.

We’re guessing that’s why you’re here. Your organisation is going through this process of unprecedented change, and whilst you no doubt understand what needs to happen, perhaps you need to get the rest of your team and organisation on board.

That’s where we can help.

Patrick is fascinated by rapid change and the ways in which humankind respond to and adapt to rapid change.

Of course, Patrick’s approach probably isn’t for everyone.

But if you think it suits you, read on!

Patrick Hollingworth

The Light and Fast Organisation

A New Way of Dealing with Uncertainty

Beyond clichéd mantras and superficial colloquialisms, business and mountaineering actually do share many parallels, especially in today’s increasingly complex and uncertain business world. This book is a refreshingly unique and well-thought out approach to helping your organisation go beyond the hype and become truly agile and innovative.


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Here are a few nice comments existing readers have made:

“Cracking newsletter. Brillant metaphors. Compelling close.”
“Loved this blog! Great ideas and things to considers.”
“Brilliant. Your writing is just getting better and better each week – love it.”

What clients have said:


Patrick’s work was something very different. It was something that was very life-changing for those people that experienced it—and without any shadow of a doubt, myself and for all of my team, this was singularly the best team building experience we’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of.

– Andy Weir, Chief Information Officer at Bankwest


Patrick delivered a great presentation for the Marks and Spencers senior leadership team in London. A human, gripping tale that wove together all the strands of leadership we’re focusing on – providing direction in a complex world, making the right decisions, building teams, moving fast, adapting to change. Highly recommended.

– Mike Barry, Director at Marks and Spencers


I have worked with Patrick and used his workshops on multiple occasions. Most recently was with a newly formed team, and the exercise helped to build the interactions amongst team members and really identify where the team dynamics where at and what areas we need to focus on going forward. While challenging for a brand new team, the workshop added real value.

– Richard Cohen, Managing Director at Rio Tinto


I had the privilege of working together with Patrick while planning and executing the TFZ Offshore Safety Conference in Esbjerg, Denmark. Right from the start he delivered a professional and trustworthy effort to make me as a customer feel safe and confident in my task. As soon as we had the first phone conversation I was confident that I had found someone very special and a personality/story that fitted perfectly into my conference theme, audience and program. The audience feedback clearly reinforces my first hand impression. 9 out of 10 rated Patrick very good or excellent. For my conference (one of the leading industry conferences in Europe), this was an all-time high evaluation.

– Esben Mortensen, Head of Secretariat at Olie Gas Danmark


Patrick is an absolutely fantastic speaker. His experiences make him exceptionally well-qualified to speak on leadership. He engages his audience in a highly creative manner and the feedback on his work is brilliant.

– Professor Gary Martin, Chief Executive Officer at Australian Institute of Management

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